ACB Dancer Expectations

I will arrive at the studio at least 5- 10 minutes early so that I can stretch and be in class and rehearsal on time.

I will be dressed in my ACB class uniform and I will have my hair in a bun (girls only).

I will not horseplay in the studio. This means I will not go up and down the stairs or play on them.

I will respect all ACB Staff and Faculty.

I will respect all ACB dancers inside and outside of class.. That means I will not criticize their ability to dance, remember choreography or learn choreography.

I will gracefully accept my assigned dance parts even if I am disappointed. I will cheerfully dance all of my assigned parts to the best of my ability.

I will understand that everyone is always doing the very best that they can.

I understand that missing rehearsals causes the teachers to take extra class time to re-teach the choreography I missed. Therefore, I will do my best to attend every rehearsal. If I know of conflicts now, I will email of conflicts in writing. I will also email her when they come up in the future. If I have excessive absences, my part may be changed.

If I am not feeling well, as long as I am not contagious to others, I will come to rehearsals so that I can continue to learn the choreography being taught.

I will not talk when the teacher turns to change the music as that is disrespectful.